• Hinges

    The hinges Clip Top Blumotion make it possible for the doors to fit perfectly because of its possibility to be adjusted in three directions. The system for smooth closing is embedded in the hinge cup and it's equipped with a device for switching it on and off.

  • Drawer Slides

    The ability of the drawer slides to completely withraw make it possible for the client to use the space provided optimally. Even when fully loaded, the drawer's movement is silent and smooth.

  • Lift Systems

    The lift system AVENTOS carries out perfect movement - smooth and silent, in the upper part of the drawers. Even wide doors are opened easily, without any unnecessary efffort, and thanks to BLUMOTION, the doors are closed as smooth as they can be. The variety of mechanisms creates a whole new world, filled with possibilities in the design in order to meet the individual preferences of every client.

  • Servo - Drive

    Servo - Drive is a system, which helps with the opening of the drawers with an electric engine. Combined with BLUMOTION, we've reached a new point in movement quality, which creates freedom and a lifestyle for our clients.


  • Materials

    What is seen is what is perceived. We work with materials from EGGER and KAINDL. The first board in the world with synchronous structure. The veneer of the company ALPI offers a wide range of traditional and exotic wood. The polymer and acrylic varnishes of MILESI are applied by hand in designated painting chambers.