• Elegance and Simplicity

    Elegance, simplicity, and functionality. The doors are made of MDF gloss or matte with elegant groove instead of a handle, which can be created in different forms and colors - this is the distinctive feature of the kitchen.

  • Pleasure from the Design

    The charm of the gloss is in a combination with the smoothness of the stone island.The white color and the no-handle opening system contribute to the purity of the linear forms and emphasize the minimalism of the composition. The high shelves and the great island make the movement easy and add up to the whole pleasurable experience of the design.

  • Innovative Model with New and Complex Forms

    Good taste and rationality.

    Innovative model with new and complex forms.

    The opening is executed by a system, which requires no handles.

    The worktop is made of stone, and the visible parts are made of MDF gloss.

  • Minimalism

    elegance, aesthetic rigor.

  • Врати

    • Color 8
    • red
  • Работен плот

    • white
    • Black
  • Фурнир

    • Veener oak
    • Veener walnut
  • Избрано

    Door: red
    Working board: Black
    Фурнир: Veener walnut